Do you have a French document that needs correcting? Look no further! There is one thing I must mention, however. My services only cover texts written in French; I do not correct translations.

High-quality text corrections

A text’s quality relies on many criteria. It requires perfect spelling, well-structured sentences, global readability and a mastery of typographical norms, to list a few examples. Are you afraid of overlooking a few errors in your freshly written blog post? Are you done with your dissertation, feeling satisfied with its content, but not with its style? Are you finally at the end of your novel, but in need of a second opinion before submitting it to a publisher?

Each project has its own needs. Whether you need someone to check the spelling or to rework the whole text, I am here to help. My prices vary between 5 to 10€/page, depending on the delay and the type of correction needed.