As a freelance translator with a master’s degree in literary translation, I can translate your documents from English or Spanish to French (French or Belgian variety).

Why work with a professional translator?

In today’s world, speaking to your clients in their own language has become essential. This is the part where I step in by adapting your texts for your French-speaking audience. To do so, I take the culture, language and context of your document into account. For example, the tone and register vary depending on the type of document. A blog post, a report or a communication with prospective clients will not be written or translated in the same way, and sometimes, it is necessary to speak differently to an English-speaking audience and its French counterpart. A good translation does not overlook any of those points, which is why my experience makes a difference.

When you work with me, you can expect:

  • A job well done. I only translate into my native language and accept projects I am qualified to complete. My specialisations include digital marketing, cosmetics and nutrition.
  • A prompt response, even if your request is denied. You will be told immediately if I have to refuse a project due to a lack of time or because my skill set does not cover its subject. I know how important it is for you to know as soon as possible if you need to look for another translator.
  • Consistency between projects. I work using Trados a computer-assisted (CAT) translation too that retains information about previous projects. Do your blog posts always conclude in the same way? Do you have internal demands for certain words to be translated in a specific way? No need to worry, these criteria will be taken into account for every project.

Rates vary between 0,10 and 0,20€/word, depending on your project.